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Sim!Winchesters Episode 7 - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie-

What a quiet week or so. Well, not exacty quiet, but with the big scare we had with Paddywhack and having to house-train Colt we didn't get out much to do any hunting. This lead to very very lazy boys.

The only reason Dean got off the couch was because a call from John forced him to roll onto the floor and crawl his way to the counter where he'd left his cell phone.

Naturally, Andie took his place on the couch. I thought she'd just called his phone pretending to be John so she could usurp his position.

Apparently John had a gig for us far out of town. So far in fact that we would probably be gone from the house a couple of nights and that was something we hadn't done in ages. Not since we moved to Sim City, anyway.

(did you know Dean picks his nose while he's on the phone?)

Turns out there were some peculiar familial deaths happening at a small little farm several hours out of town that John had tracked as being more than what the papers said they were. He wasn't able to check it out himself for some reason - said he had a hippie infestation to deal with. We hoped he was kidding.

Well, we were all ready to get up and do something since as hunters we go stir crazy if we don't have anything to do. Heck, we might've just gone out and started burning random people on the street if John hadn't called. Only not really. Either way though, Sam seemed content to just sleep even though that's all he'd been doing for the past week.

Well, Dean has an answer for everything.

Nobody can stay asleep with Dean Winchester bouncing up and down on your butt.

Danielle from last episode said she'd drop by after school and watch Paddywhack, and we went over the house rules with Colt one last time. Andie says he's just like Nana from Peter Pan and we couldn't agree more. That is one smart dog...well, after he figured out not to pee on Sam's comic book collection.

We threw our bags into the trunk with all the weapons (we have to travel light since we need rifles and rock salt more than clean underwear any day) and got into the car. But Andie commandeered the front seat and Sam refused to get in until she moved into the back. There was a long extensive fight about it but Andie let Polly Prissy Pants have his way and she got out to sit in the back with me. Sam needs to sit shotgun it seems.

By the time we got to Cafpow Farm it was midday, but their general store was closed up tighter than an alien autopsy lab.

Curious as to why, we wandered out to the side property and discovered a small cemetary that had several gravestones in it, and that's when we found three people standing there mourning two newly turned graves.

Figuring this wouldn't be an appropriate time to speak to them we all decided we should go and find a motel to stay in for however long it was going to take to figure out what to do here. John was a little sketchy on the details. He always was.

A few country blocks away and walking distance from Cafpow Farm we checked into a cutesy little place called the Sleep Eazy Motel. It was unfortunate that their neon sign was broken however, as the letters showing blinked back at us "Sle ezy". Hm. No matter though, the rooms were clean!

(As you can see, Dean went running up the stairs and bolted to our room. That boy has a bladder the size of a Brazil nut.)

Right away we got settled in and waited for tomorrow so that we could talk to the family that owned the little farm next door and hopefully speak to them about the strange deaths that kept happening.

Sam claimed his bed. And Andie and I got down to business.

The next morning we went off to the Cafpow Farm to talk to whoever it was we were supposed to be talking to.

We discovered quickly that the farm was moreso than just that, and was a thriving little bakery and florists shop - how quaint!

When I saw all the different desserts that they sold I couldn't help myself.

And neither could Sam.

Dean and Andie started talking to the store owners. Apparently the farm was owned by a couple, but when they died just recently their daughter came back from college to run the place in the way that her parents had always taught her to when she was young. Her name was Tallie.

They continued talking and Tallie's Aunt May joined the conversation. She was the expert florist that made all the gorgeous bouquets from the gardens that were tended by Caretaker Ben, who also was responsible for watching over the other crops that helped to make the delicious baked goods that Tallie sold.

Naturally while all this talking was going on, Sam and I helped ourselves to two slices of berry pie.

Tallie wasn't interested in talking about her parents' mysterious deaths, though Aunt May made several references to some horrible beast that had claimed her mother and father when they were younger. Ben kept silent, however, and Andie made note of that. I could tell. She had that look in her eye.

We stayed later than they probably wanted, and Tallie excused herself to finish ringing up some customers while we all had a little chat. From what it sounded like, Tallie's grandmother, grandfather, and parents had all died right here on the farm, and nobody knew what it was that did it since they were all healthy people. How odd!

When the store was closing they told us we were welcome to come back tomorrow since they loved having visitors from out of town. "Tell your friends about us!" proclaimed Aunt May as we left the farmhouse to walk back to the motel. As we were leaving the property we heard a scream!

Running back we saw two blinking yellow eyes from the small cemetary emerge.

It was then that we saw it. But what was it?

Tallie it seemed was trying to distract it by getting in front of the black beast, but it wasn't interested in her...yet

"RUN MAY! IT HAS YOUR SMELL!" yelled Ben from the porch, but it didn't do any good.

It gave chase to Aunt May, and we in turn ran to try and do whatever we could to help.

But it was too late. We were too far away.

It had killed Aunt May, and Tallie and Ben had to watch in horror. We all did. Tallie, however, was to the point of a breakdown and we had to get her out of there before the thing tried to go after her - we weren't prepared for what this thing was! Quickly we grabbed the two and usherd them off to our Motel room where we were to regroup.

Tallie was becoming unhinged. She didn't know what had happened, and none of us thought we'd get the image of the beast tearing into Aunt May like that out of our minds. Traumatizing is what it was! Sam reassured her that we'd get the damn thing if it was the last thing we ever did.

And that's when Andie went after Caretaker Ben.

"You know more about this than you're letting on!" she said, shaking her finger at him and using the patented Andie glare that could make men turn to pudding in their Nikes.

Ben sighed and explained.
"When I was just a little kid working on your grandparents' farm" he sighed, looking over at Tallie, "I saw something that nobody else did. Your grandfather ran over a black dog going to market. Now, that dog wasn't any ordinary dog. It was the pet of some crazy old lady two farms over - we all thought something funny was up with that woman, but we couldn't ever place it. Us kids thought she was a witch, and damn it all if she didn't turn out to be one. Well, I helped your grandpappy take the mutt to the woman and she damn near tore his hair out of his head. It wasn't long after that he was killed. Mauled, it looked like. Your grandma died several years later, and each time I saw that damned dog but I thought it was just some nightmare."

Tallie went berzerk at this point after putting it all together, finding out that this was why her parents were killed too. Andie started yelling that if he hadn't kept his mouth shut all these years something could've been done. We all realized that the witch woman probably cursed the family using that dog as her familiar, acting out the revenge for accidentally killing her beloved pet.

Dean put a stop to all the crying and wailing and screaming by loading up his rifle with silver bullets. We were going after that thing tonight, so nobody else would get hurt.

Tallie volunteered herself up as bait and we went off to lure the damn dog reincarnation out. Sure enough, when she stepped foot onto the place that Ben said that it had been killed, the thing showed up. Wasting no time, Sam shot it down. Feeling a horrible pang in his heart however (Sam loves all canine creatures, good or the spawn of evil apparently) he bent down to pay his respects to the poor beast.

But he'd missed the beast's heart and it leapt up and attacked him!

That's when Dean took control of the situation and put the cursed evil beast out of its misery.

Sam, it turned out, was just fine thank you very much the big baby, and got up, dusted himself off and watched as the black beast, a silver bullet in its heart, disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Tallie thanked us all for avenging her family's deaths and told us not to be strangers or she'd come track us down in the city and make a big country spectacle of herself. We thought it'd be funny if she did that anyway.

Another job well done, though we all felt really horrible about not being able to save Aunt May. At least Tallie and her future family would be able to live in peace from now on, though.

When we got home it was nearly midnight, and boy were we glad to be back in the city. As we got our bags out of the Impala the clouds parted and we saw a new moon was upon us. And that's when it happened ...

A/N: Tune in next time when we desperately try to find a cure for Sam!

A big congratulations to tallisen for being the commenter of the week and winning a place in this episode (I hope you didn't mind that I used the whole Cafpow thing from your caps comm)!

As I was telling anteka the other day, you all have NO idea how freaking hard this episode was to put together. Nobody in the Sim world wanted to cooperate. Dean kept just sitting down and writing in the journal, Sam was LAZY and lounged around the house and just slept basically all the farking time even if he wasn't tired! And Andie...Andie started so many fires that the fire department was probably starting to block our calls! We'd be shooting a scene and Sim!Andie decides "oh I think I'll make Deany poo a grilled cheese sandwich". Seconds later our kitchen is burning down! THIS HAPPENED EVERY TEN MINUTES. So yeah, totally insane on the set, that's all I have to say. Oh and Aunt May, the one who was supposed to DIE, for some reason refused to do so and sat there and Death came and she was all "stfu, bitch".

Hope you liked it everyone! Comments are love ♥

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