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Sim!Winchesters Episode 6 - In the Pocket of a Clown-

As the holidays drew to a close we wondered if anything strange was going to crop up, but (un?)fortunately nothing did. The New Year started and how did we celebrate? Well, Andie made a new friend for starters...

Well, as she went running into the bathroom to take a shower she managed to ram right into Dean, transferring the lovely Eau de Pepe le Pew onto his skin. Needless to say he wasn't too happy about this and wanted a bath too, but the bathroom was otherwise occupied.

So, what does Dean Winchester do when the conventional approach is not possible?

We stayed the hell away from the kitchen for a long long time.

Through the craziness of the holidays we'd sort of forgotten about that jack in the box that Paddywhack had mysteriously received for Christmas...well until he started to get up the courage to use it again.

It was hard not to noice when every time he used it that he'd start to freak out a little bit

Dean's second approach of letting him cry it out wasn't helping at all either. Didn't want his kid to grow up to be all wimpy ("Like SAM!") or anything, but nothing was working and leaving him alone in his crib drove Andie and I crazy.

But one afternoon, we heard Paddywhack start to wind the toy again and the music started and Paddywhack started crying...and then silence. Absolute silence. Curious we wandered over and realized....


Andie and Dean were a wreck! Well, we all were, but naturally they were more distraught than ever and Andie was almost inconsolable. Dean even started crying!

Sam took action at that point and jumped to the obvious conclusion that we were all big dummies for not checking out the mysterious jack in the box sooner. He sat down in front of it and started the crank. All of a sudden something horrific happened!

Sam folded up like a Stepford Wife's kitchen towel and disappeared into the box!

Needless to say we were scared beyond all imagination, but Dean followed him right in and soon we were all popping out in a very ugly, very horribly un-color coordinated house.

At first we didn't see Sam, but he popped out after all of the rest of us did.

Apparently he got lost.

Looking around the place almost gave us eyeball cancer. This place was horrific! Tiny chairs, oversized tables, yellows greens and purples all smooshed together on the walls and a disgustingly creepy bit of calliope music seemingly to come from nowhere. Immediately Sam wet his pants.

It was then that Dean and Andie saw something horrible. A large window and a young woman with... PADDYWHACK!

After banging on the glass and yelling it was pretty apparant that she couldn't see us. What kind of sick person would do this? Remembering that there could be something evil lurking in this house I immediately went a-skulking.

In a hurry to get the door open, Dean fell back on old methods without thinking.

Yeah. Ow. That door didn't budge an inch, but it made the girl inside realize someone out here was trying to get in.

She seemed to be taking carry of Paddywhack really well, comforting him as he cried for us.

Finally, Sam dug his lock picking tools out from his pocket and set to work.

After a lot of complaining that it was the most complicated lock he'd ever been set to he managed to get it free and Dean and Andie went bursting into the cell.

Dean was so overcome with relief all he wanted to do was hold his son, while Andie graciously thanked the young woman for taking such good care of her child. The girl introduced herself as Dani.

She went on to tell us about the evil thing that had captured her and Paddywhack there. His name was Chuckles the Cannibal.

He captured little children by use of his evil jack in the box, bringing them here to his crazy house. Danielle had gone through by mistake after finding the toy and playing with it as she babysat for some next door neighbors.

Every day he would visit those in the cell and laugh maniacally until they'd all start crying and he'd announce "Good night, children! Sleep well! I'll most likely kill you in the morning!".

And sometimes he really did, and he'd shrink them down even smaller somehow and swallow them whole without even batting an eye.

It was then that I announced that I saw him coming up the block, and Dean was ready for him.

But Chuckles was too fast for him and before Dean even knew it he was on the ground, feeling himself start to shrink!

And that's when Andie took action.


She pulled out her supernatural phaser gun and we hardly knew what happened before Chuckles was on the floor, completely and utterly not alive anymore.

The ordeal was over, and the only thing left was to go back through the box and into our own world once more, if indeed we had crossed into another universe. We weren't sure where we had gone, but we knew for sure we did NOT want to return. Sam especially.

We were so overly grateful to Danielle that we told her to stop by any time...

...besides, Paddywhack looked like he would miss her.

Sam made sure that the monstrosity of a jack in the box wouldn't bother anybody ever again,

But Dean still wasn't satisfied. He realized we needed some extra help and he went out to find the best kind of protection he could think of.

And we all agreed. Colt would make the perfect addition to the family.

A/N: Congratulations once more to _dani_04 for winning the commenter of the week contest! Remember, each time an episode comes out I'll randomly choose a commenter for the next episode :D Hope you're having a great week!

Oh! And if anybody could find me a mesh for actual guns/rifles/whatever I would be eternally grateful! ♥

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