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Sim Winchesters

because even evil is micromanaged

A Day In the Life of Demon Hunters... sim style.
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Pixelated evil? Rest uneasy.

Welcome to Sim Winchesters, a Sim adventure in the world of the Winchester brothers and their two roommates, anteka (creator of Plastic!Winchesters) and ladymango (all around nut-job). Here we document our lives as they occur in Sim City - fighting evil, supporting the downtrodden, and generally being absolutely bizarre.

The events documented are, for the most part, not tampered with in the Sim 'verse. Dean really does only like eating grilled cheese sandwiches (while in his underwear), Sam truly does take hours out of the day to read books in bed, and Andie and I have half-naked pillow fights out on the front lawn several times a day.

The characters

Sam Winchester
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+ doesn't bring up offending conversation frequently
+ likes to read
+ loves the dogs in the neighborhood
- horrible cook
- accidentally sets a lot of fires
- complains frequently about piled up newspapers outside on the lawn (and zombie neighbors too)

Dean Winchester
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+ Incredibly friendly to everyone (supernatural neighbors too)
+ can make grilled cheese sandwiches perfectly
+ Has the innate ability to fix electricals in the house without getting electocuted
- Doesn't understand that in this day and age it's not acceptable to go everywhere in your underwear
- Refuses to drive the Chevy van ("It's still a Chevy, man" - Sam)
- If very dirty will wash himself in the kitchen sink

Andie (anteka)
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+ Is such a neat freak that she cleans up after the very messy boys
+ A natural at dart knife throwing
+ Sings beautifully in the shower
- Gets sick very frequently
- Gets the REST of the house sick very frequently
- Pines for Dean so much she sometimes forgets to eat

Ashley "Ash" (ladymango)
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+ Is an excellent cook and cooks for not just herself but everyone else too
+ Keeps a nicely watered garden
+ Is really attractive in the eyes of the Zombie Master nextdoor
- Sings in the shower. Horribly.
- Occupies the bathroom so nobody else can get in (causing Dean to have to wash himself in the kitchen sink)
- Has a horrible fear of being social and refuses to answer the door/phone