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Episode 2, final half!

If you remember where we left off last time, Dean had gotten a call from John.
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There was a rumor that Jason Larson had raised his twin sister from the dead, and that she was a scary walking zombie.
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And our assignment was to check it out.

We didn't really know how to go and find anybody, but neighbors said that Jason went out to the local Maple Pine Mall over on the outskirts of Sim City frequently to pick up magazines, porno, and candy cigarettes.

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I must explain why Dean doesn't seem particularly happy to be behind the wheel right now. When we first moved into Sim City, his beloved '67 Chevy Impala was banned from the road. Something about not passing the strict smog check and noise pollution restrictions. It's been incredibly hard to get Dean to drive us around ever since.

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Especially since we've been given a maroon Chevrolet Lumina soccer mom van to replace it. "It's still a Chevy, buck up man". Sam got a whack over the head for that one.

Once at the mall we were unsure of where to go first to locate Jason, so we made a date out of the evening.
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Sam, somehow zeroing in on the bbq tucked away on the far end of the lot, made us all hot dogs. And Dean, with his amazing bullshitting skills, somehow got us into the restaurant there... so that we could eat the hotdogs Sam made. It was brilliant.

Andie's a really messy eater, as Dean points out frequently.
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But she doesn't care, and he seems to enjoy what she does with her messy little fingers. Whoa.

Dinner is never complete without dancing, however, and when something resembling "Dancing Queen" came onto the Restaurant's muzak station, Sam jumped up and started shimmying and shaking. Naturally, I joined in.
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Then the copy cats started grinding and going and well, the patrons kept yelling for all of us to get a room. Or maybe they were yelling for more mushrooms, but either way we retreated into the wrong doorway in our attempt to get out.

That's when Dean and Andie found Jason Larson in the kitchen of the restaurant (man are we good at getting lost or what?) as he tried to steal deviled eggs, and the two started hatching a plan.
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With fast talking and a lot of flirty little looks from Andie, they managed to get Jason to come over to our house for dinner the next night. It would be the best way to get to know the guy better and see if he had done what we thought he had.

The next night came way too quickly as we all prepared for how we were going to decipher whether or not Jason had zombifyed his sister. Dean decided to make a new device, similar to his EMP detector, but more finely tuned to recent occult fingerprintings.

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We were all a little jittery when Jason got here, but Dean was smooth as a cucumber. Wait. Cool as a cucumber? That's it. Haha, gross.

The second that Jason walked by Andie, she got a wiff of something very vile and repugnant.
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She tried really hard to hold in that cough, but it didn't last too long. Didn't get a picture of her turning purple, I think I dropped the camera at that point.

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The night progressed, and Jason seemed to be attracted to talking to me the most, which was not part of the plan. We had all thought Andie would've been his type (or maybe even Sam) but no. He goes after me, and of course the first thing out of my mouth is "So! Ghosts, ever see one?" and the dingleberry started in on all the crazy things he'd been reading lately. It was like he was just dying to tell someone all of the paranormal activities he'd been "reading" about. Bullseye. We knew now that he at least had an idea of how to raise the dead, the question was... did he?

After he left, Dean brought out his Occult Fingerprinting Laser (which will now be refered to as OFL, because that's REALLY long). Sam immediately grabbed though and demanded to be taught how to use it.
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Dean had a fit when Sam pointed it directly at him though. Apparently there's some weird radiation thing going on in it, which makes me wonder just how in the world Dean got his hands on anything like that. Hm. I'm slightly scared now.
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After a while though, Sam got the hang of it and was scanning every single tihng in sight.
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It wasn't hard to tell though. Wherever Jason touched a small glowing trace of paranormal activity was discovered, and those occult fingerprints were bright and clear. He'd obviously been in contact with something supernatural recently.

That was all the proof the boys needed to go to the Larson house to poke around. Andie and I stayed home to watch the fort, the boys were better at interventions anyway.
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Sam snuck around back while Dean pretended to just come visiting Jason for social reasons.

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Jason was acting very very strange, though. He kept saying that Dean had to go because he had dinner in the oven, then it was that he was showering, and the best one was that the circus was in town and that he wanted to join as the bearded lady. Dean was enjoying himself.

Sam, meanwhile, had discovered a very small shed on the edge of the property hidden almost completely by dead vines and tree branches.
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He "snuck" inside.
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And what he saw there nearly made him wet his trousers.

It was Jodie Larson! IN THE ZOMBIE FLESH.
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Sam startged yelling for Dean, and Jodie started freaking out. Though it should be noted that she did not try to eat his brains.
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Sam tried to explain to Jason just how horrible this was, and questioned why he'd bring back such an abomination.

Jodie countered with an argument of her own, talking about sibling love, and how he wouldn't ever understand why Jason did what he did.
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At this point Dean intervened and pulled Sam aside...
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...while Jason had a mild heart attack, hoping they wouldn't tell the whole town and burn his sister at the stake or something.

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And they came up with the answer for what they would do.

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Jodie was no threat. She didn't attack people, she was still her same self (minus the strangely odd smelling blue-green skin and gimp), but most of all she was conscious about everything that had happened and even had information about the afterlife that could come in handy for us later. Always something for something, right?

And although Jason watched anime porn, stole deviled eggs from restaurants and raised his sister from the dead, there was no reason why we couldn't all get along.
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Even if she is a messy eater.
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A/N: Tune in next time when we take a peek in on the off-hunting lives of our household! Fires? Naked cooking? Sprinklers? Oh ho ho!

It should be noted that Dean in fact hates driving the van. When he's forced to sit down in the driver's seat he gets out, paces around and pouts for a while until he has no choice but to obey me. Moowaa haa haa haa!! See more half naked Dean next time! Thanks for reading!
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Oh dear Lord, this is hilarious!!!!! I absolutly LOVE this comm. And he really hates to drive the soccer mom van? I am so NOT shocked. LOL You are awesome. Thanks for something else to take my mind off the evil hiatus. Love these, keep up the good work!

PS I need a simwinchester icon! *hinthint* ;)
YAY! I'm so glad you like it. It's definitely for the fans *glares at evil hiatus*.

SW icons coming up later this afternoon! Keep your out out :D
Thanks for thinking I'd be the evil-zombie-raiser-twincesters type. *eye roll* How much do I love that is was you that got Jason all hot and bothered? And we may need to work on your interogation skills. *L* However, we are a pretty amazing team of zombie hunting badasses. :)

I still love that bit about Dean and not wanting to drive the van. *L* That is priceless. And that it's "still a Chevy"? Sorry, Sam, you deserved that one. *L*

More, more, more!!! :)
Hey you're a red head! Evil likes red heads. Except I guess Jason's not evil so uh... eh? I dunno. Maybe potential evil likes brunettes or something *dies*

Man it was so stupid! Seriously, we start having a dinner conversation and the little convo bubble that pops out of my Sim's mouth is GHOSTS! PARANORMAL STUFF! MORE GHOSTS! Jason didn't seem to mind though, which really makes me think he's one crayon short of a preschool masterpiece.

Dean got out of the van several times, threw his arms above his head and literally waved at ME with a big red ex over the car in a thought bubble. I had to pause the game because I was laughing so hard.

♥ so glad you're liking these! I'm dying in wait for more PWT!
This was awsome! LOL. Poor Dean. You so mean! ;) I'd love some naked!Dean!
Hee thanks ^_^ Dean does get picked on quite a bit, sadly. I wonder why that is exctly?

Hahaha naked!Dean is going to be Dean + censor bars I'm afraid. Unless I can find a decent nude patch for the game ^_^

Deleted comment

YAY! Bringing joy into people's lives is what this is all about ♥
I love random!half-naked!Sam!! ;) *giggles*

*pets poor soccer!mom!Dean*
He's totally following in his brother's footsteps with that one!
But you need more Being strangled!Sam or fully naked!Sam...
Rats! If there was only a way to get Sam to be actually choked in the Sims I'd totally do it.
Too true...ugh that would be so hot! lol...
Hmmm... I think I have an idea! *sneaky sneaky*
*is laughing* I SO needed a pick-me-up today. ladymango, YOU WIN AT LIFE!

Oh, and woo! for the possibility of nekkie!Sam/nekkie!Dean!
Yay! FOR THE WIN! I'm glad it helped you smile a little bit ^_^

That's Dean torture right there. He probably wishes that he could be stuffed into the trunk instead of driving that thing.

OMG they dirty dance. *is shocked*

Well of course he was talking to you! You were rubbing knees with him! That's bound to get a boy happy. And... Is it just me or does he have mroe than a slightly passable resemblance to Crispin Glover? *blink* Scary.

*LOLOLOL* Sam is SO offended at the zombie! Look at that face! It's hilarious! The only thing that's more hilarious is the zombie sitting a the table and eating. Ew.
Poor Dean. No Impala = sad sad for the lose Dean.

Hmm, the way to a Zombie Master is through his knees *waggles eyebrows?*
LMAO Crispin Glover! I didn't notice that before!

Sam was really having a hard time talking to her without putting his hands over his ears and turning away. Actually, right after this episode was over he got up an smacked her across the face after she threw a glass of water in his face. Crap. I should have documented that.
OMG! Totally.

A love affair it ain't, I guess!!! Slapping her was harsh, but hey! She threw a glass of water in his face and she *is* kinda dead. It's not his habit to tell dead people, "Aww, it's okay," when they do mean stuff to him.
*LOL* My rampant imagination is totally running away with that, now.

Sam: *smak* Die, bitch!

Dean:*snicker* She already is dead, dude.

Sam: *blinky* Trust you to get technical. Where's that silver zombie stabbing sword thing again?

Jason: *heart attack again* NOOOO! *death cry* Not My sister!!!

Andie, Dean, You: *solemn in unison* Dead things should stay dead.

Jodie: *screams as Sam flying ninja tackles her into her grave with silver katana thnigie*

Dean: *shrugs, goes back to eating*

Jason:*cries quietly on the floor*

Andie and you: *meet eyes, decide to have an underwear pillowfight to cheer everyone up, all without words because you have mastered the Winchester stare of silent communication*

Andie, Dean, You: *solemn in unison* Dead things should stay dead.
*is still rolling around laughing*

That's absolutely beautiful.

that's awesome :)

what expansion stuff do you have for sims 2? i am getting a new video card for christmas, so i want to ask for more sims things!
Oh geebus, I have all of the expansions except the glamour one and the holiday one. Sooo let's see that would be:
University, Open for Business, Family...Crap, Pets, Dating/Pleasure/whatever.

I can't WAIT for the "season" Sims to come out in 2007 (waiting in holy god anticipation for there to literally be rain and snow and wind and EEEEE!)
that is going to be so craaaaaaaaaaazy awesome. i can't wait either!
*sighs with relief* A much better ending, no violence and no one loses a life, just some dinner because the putrid smell made them throw up a bit.